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Wellbeing Walks

Arrive with your mind full and be guided into feeling more mindful!

View of a quiet harbour in sunshine

Wellbeing Walks

Whether the route is high up on a mountain, or low and flat, on a wide level pathway, on our Wellbeing Walks there will be outstanding views, and a few resting points along the way.

Choose from a variety of routes, to suit all fitness levels and accessibility, all offering a pleasurable walk with activities that will leave you feeling an improved sense of wellbeing. Each have ample parking and offer the maximum safety and privacy for walking and talking.

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What to expect

    • A guided group walk
    • Amazing views, sights, sounds
    • Learn skills to maintain a healthier wellbeing
    • Enjoy fun wellbeing activities
    • Take the positive sensory experience of the day home with you
    • Improve your sense of wellbeing
    • Arrive with your mind full and leave feeling more mindful!
The five ways to wellbeing are defined as:
Take notice – Connect – Be active – Keep learning – Give

‘You deserve nothing less!’

The activities on your walk will allow you to:
    • Take notice of the things around you
    • Reconnect with others and yourself
    • Be physically active
    • Learn something new
    • Give something of value to yourself and others

Where will you walk?

There are many Wellbeing Walks to choose from, and the booking site is regularly updated with new walks.  Below are a few examples for you…

Goodwick Beach

Sunrise on a beach
It’s good to be beside the seaside
This walk is perfect for those of you wanting to arrive by train, boat or cruise ship. Just a short walk from the station and harbour, will get you to the meeting point to begin your Wellbeing Walk. Alternatively, you could arrive by car as there is ample parking, or take a downhill walk from Goodwick or Fishguard.
Enjoy the sights and sounds of the seafront, as you breathe in the fresh sea air. Walk, talk, share and enjoy the wellbeing activities that will give you some surprising memories to take home with you.

Dinas Mountain

View over hills to the sea
Be welcomed by the wild ponies and sheep

If you are a more experienced walker then this walk is for you! An absolute joy for those of you wanting to be up high on a mountain, overlooking the sea, just as our ancient ancestors once did. Arrive by car as there is ample parking, or take a steep, but pleasurable, uphill walk from Dinas or LLanychaer.
If you are lucky, you may get to enjoy the company of the wild ponies, sheep and birds of prey that often like to be curious about any human visitors there. The blue stone rocks at its peak will whisper of their history to you, as you enjoy the wellbeing activities that will ensure you have some very special moments to remember.

Abermawr to Aberbach

Standing stones by the sea
Rolling seas that laugh with the stones
A medium ability walk that is full of sounds and sights to delight you! Enjoy a coffee and cake, before or after your walk at the nearby Melin Tregwynt, a woollen mill, and walk the extra steps along a lane to the meeting point, or arrive by car and park along the lane. Enjoy a circular route that has the sea rolling over the pebbled stones of the beaches, chattering and laughing as you walk along the coastal pathway. The mill also allows visitors to tour and enjoy seeing how they preserve their traditional skills. You may even wish to combine both experiences to make your day a complete memory bank for your senses, as you enjoy the wellbeing activities of your walk with the the wonders of weaving wool.

Take a better route

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